"Wehret den Anfängen!" ("Watch the beginning!")

Well, it´s been a while since I wrote my last post here. But to be honest, I didn´t know what I should write about. Actually since November I was like a little frustrated about things that could motivate me to write in english. Since Donald Trump won the election and became president in January, I was like:

“How stupid are the Americans?” I was really upset…and I´m still upset about the fact that someone that based his campaign on fear and so obvious lies….really he lied….he admitted it that he didn´t tell the truth…but still he was elected….elected by people that belived that things can only go better with him. You were wrong and the results of his politics will make you suffer for a long long time! I tell you. I wouldn´t be half that upset if things are only affecting the USA. Then I would say: “Hey, you elected him….now deal with the outcome.” But todays world doesn´t work like that. If the US economy goes down…the world economy will be effected. If the US do something pretty stupid in military actions the world will be affected. And in the very worst case….if a US president becomes a dictator…the outcome would something that I´m not able to imagine. 

FUCK YES, I AM WORRIED! I am worried that a guy that has obviously problems to keep himself calm and has a uncontrolable temper has a suitcase that enables him to order a nuclear strike to any country in the world. That scares the sh*** out of me. 

I AM WORRIED that the most powerful country in the world is starting to supressing the media (except the media that is reporting the “good and pleasant news about his leadership”. ) We had that over here in Germany….80 years ago…we learned…you didn´t. If you would have spent more time listening to your history teacher during the sessions about “how dictators come to power” you might have seen some familiar things in the campaign of president Trump.  But you didn´t. You fall for his lies….and now he´s there. 

I AM WORRIED that lies, esp. the really really easy to dismantle lies, are now used on a on a common level by a man with such a power to put fear into the hearts of people to justify his politics. He talks about terror attacks in Europe that didn´t take place. He talks about threads from countries that aren´t threads at all. 

I AM WORRIED that people in his shadow are not qualified enough to do the job they are supposed to do. And those who might be able reject the offer, which says a lot as well.

unsplash-logoRaúl Nájera

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