About me

Hi! I´m Christian…yeah that´s my name and my belive as well. I live in Germany, working as one of those “Mad Men”-guys you may have seen in the TV-Series (in fact the agency I´m working for is mentioned several times as competitor…may be that´s why I like this show).  

But to be honest, working in an advertising agency isn´t like in the TV-Series at all. It´s more like a combination of madness, low paid and more overtime then you want…but as well as one of the best jobs you can think of. Sounds crazy? Yes it is! That´s why I love it!  

This is my privat blog…I´ve two other blogs I write in German…but this one is more international for friends and people I know all over the world.   So don´t expect too much “knowledge” or insides here. I share more like some thoughts I catch during the day…pictures I take with my smartphone or things I catch on my daily ride to the office and back in the subway.   Take care!