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You like animals? I do! All kinds of animals. Ok, spiders are may be not my favorite ones, but they are beautiful creatures as well (in their own way). But mostly I like dogs. They are loyal until the very end. They don t lie to you like mostly humans intend to do.
And there are soooo many more kind of animals. That´s why I like to go to the Zoo. Ok, now you can say “Wouldn t it be better to see them in their natural environment?” and you are absolutely right. I d love to see them there. But, I can t go to Afrika that often (due to a lack of holidays and budget)….and they are so many a***holes around the world that prefer to see those wonderful creatures as trophies or as meds (because of their small p***). Ok, you see, I don t have much respect for those kind of people.
So, I go to the Zoo. And instead of shoothing them with a gun… I prefer to “shoot” them with my camera and my telezoom.

The most impressive thing last Sunday was in the Gorilla part of the Zoo. The cage there is not surrounded by metal but by plexiglas. And while I was standing in front of this window a huge Gorilla came to the window and sit right in front of me. He was on the one side. I was on the other side…separated only by this piece of glas. There were may be 15 centimeters between him and me. I could see in his eyes straight away. And he looked in my eyes and I looked in his. It was amazing. Not only by the fact that he was that close…but by his appearance. It s hard to describe. I would love to say he s was so “human”, but I don t think that this would be a compliment (for him). But it s like he s there…I am here….we both share this place called earth. We should treat each other with respect. And he should be granted his environment weather us humans like it or not.
For me it s impossible to understand why people hunt down such animals. I think that s one of the “sick parts” of us humans….we like to kill for “sport”…why isn t there a cure for that kind of “sickness”? We have cures for any kind of sickness….for this one it seems not.
May be someday I will visit his kind in their natural environment. I hope so.

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