Back from London

Ever been to London? No….go there! This city is still so amazing.  After all those years. I recognized this time that I m in London on a frequent base for 6 years now. At least one time a year but now every quarter year.
Today I really thought the cab driver that took me to a meeting would start a fight with a biker cause they nearly collided. Both men shouted at each other while I was sitting in the back of the cab telling my collegue on the mobile that there s a big chance that I might be late cause my driver will have a fight within the next seconds. I think I deescaleted the situation cause that young guy on the bike looked at me…seeing me with eyes wide open and eyebrowns raised…with a “what happens here right now?!?!?”-face. So seconds later I saw him laugh…my driver calmed down as well so that we could continue the ride. The rest of the ride the cab driver told me that such thing are not that uncommon due to the fact that there are lots of bikes in London. And most of those riders don t care much about traffic rules. As German hard to understand.
Yeah….those are stories that happen to me when I m on London.
I <3 London …anyone got a well paid job in London for me? 😉
Good night!

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