Berlin….City of a 1000 dreams

You think your brain is to about to explode if you can’t release the ideas you have? OK,  go to Berlin. Been here couple of times…seen the spaces…seen places…seen people. If you go to places like Friedrichshain or Prenzlauer Berg you can sense that. Those are spots where u meet those people with dreams.
Berlin Pferdekopf
Those tatooed, Jutebeutel wearing bearded guys or girls (less/non bearded). Each of them seem to have this same idea of living the dream…their dream. What ever this dream may be…I don’t know…but I assume they have one.
Berlin - Friedrichshain
Bloggers seem to be attracted by Berlin like no other spot in Germany. You can spot them pretty easy in the cafés here. Mostly behind their Macbooks with wordpress or blogger open. It’s kinda funny to see them with a large mug of coffee  (with Soya milk if they follow the “hip”-rules) typing about the party they were invited to. OK, that may sound a lil stereotype but I guess that’s how it is. Don’t get me wrong, this is not negative…it’s just the way it is. In Frankfurt you wouldn’t spot them that easy…but Frankfurt is different. Although Frankfurt is my place at heart, it gives me not half the sense of creativity like Berlin does.
No, Berlin has this “creative thing”. You can’t describe it…you have to feel it.

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