Brexit….WTF was that?

On Friday morning when I listen to the news on the radio while trying to wake up, the first news was “UK voted to exit the European Union”…and I was like…WTF!?!?! Did the Brits now completly lost their minds? A country that leaves the EU. Impossible to even think about that. Especially the United Kingdom.
Its not a pro or contra EU thing…the more I red about the topic…the more I listen to the news in the following days, it turns out that this is a multiple problem….past vs. future….Scottland/North Irland vs. England and Wales…workers vs. office people…people from the countrysite vs. city people. I was like “Wow! This is a hugh mess that now shows up.”
But one thing especially the elder generation forgot when they made their choice. It s not about them…it´s about the generations to come that will have to deal with the descission made last Thursday.
Yes, they grief about how strong the United Kingdom was years ago. But did they ever considered that the wheels of time turned since that “glorious times”? Today we are in a close connected businessworld. Countries can´t establish a well functioning economic without a good trading network. And only large economic areas can grow in a way that benefits the most. Seperation NEVER worked out in such an enviroment. This is what seems to be forgotten.


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