Bye bye 2014 … hey there 2015 !

So here we go…2015 is a few hours away. In the Pacific they already celebrate and welcome the new year. I’ll have to wait some more hours.
Time enough to reflect what was in 2014 worth remembering. Well, first of all: I stayed healthy. That’s actually the most important thing. Health is something you can only buy in a very limited way. So no big things to report here…and I’m VERY grateful for that! My family is basically the same and I’m thankful for that as well. I hope next year will go on like this…at least in the health perspective.
Being thankful
Overall I´m really thankful. And I have a lot of things to be thankful of. I’m thankful for my parents. Another year passed by and I’m blessed to still have them around me. Yes, they still support me with their advices (weather I’d like to hear them or not), but hey…that’s ok…They are my parents and if there are people that should know me, than those two lovely people.
I´m thankful to have a job that allows me to have a good life. I can pay my rent and the invoices that came in. I could save some money and still had a great time. I had a blast of time in Dublin (ok, actually I really felt in love with this city).
I’m thankful for my friends around me. The support of those people around is so essential to me that I can’t give as much credits here as I should. Even the people that I don’t call a friend I’m thankful for. Because not being friends doesn’t mean you are not important. I just differ what is a friend and who is somebody I know. Friends are the people of trust…the ones you can talk with about nearly everything, the ones that are at your side 24/7 if needed. And there are the people you wouldn´t tell everything but still enjoy spending time with. But I have quiet some people I really spent some time this year…and it was most of the times a lot of fun! I hope to have that again in 2015 (and may be even a lil bit more then this year).
Although I want to have more fun and get to know more people…at some point I need to clean up my buddy list…that´s something I really need to do.
The power of letting go
What will happen is that I will stop putting more effort and energy to keep in contact with some people. Honestly, I don’t like that, but as a wise supervisor said to me once “you have to let go.” And she was/is right. You can’t stick with people that already moved on just because you think it’s “so important” to stay conected. Sometimes it’s just time to let those people move forward in a different direction and accept that your path is another one. It’s really not a very comfortable situation because with some people a share some really good memories and I have a strong motivation to keep in contact, but if there is something I learned in 2014, than that you can’t think that everyone acts&feels the same way that you do.
This makes me a lil bit sad….but “hey, that´s the way it goes!”. Enough of this negative depressive thoughts…!
To boldly go where no one has (ok, where I have) gone before
If there is something that really boosts my motivation on new years day than it’s this “all back to start”-feeling. To think that a new year brings on new opportunities and chances really boosts my motivation. Now motivation coaches would say “Make every day a new years day!”, but this is just crap. There’s only one new years day (and for me, I’m running quiet good with that). I will definitely change again some stuff in my life. Already made a list in my mind. And every time I did that…I did it…and that really excites me. Have you ever felt this inner peace with a decision you made? May be I just expressed it not correct, that feeling you have that the decision you made is 100% correct and good. I have this feeling right now and to say…its a good one. I will face some challenges in 2015 (hahaha, who won’t?) and like always the list of things to change is big…but as this wrestling referee always said: “Let’s get it on!”
So, what ever you do out there and what ever your plans are for the upcoming year, just start doing it…I keep my fingers crossed that you will succeed!
Take care!

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