Day 1: Operation "Vacation"

Holidays…such a really nice word. In normal cases it means: relaxation, more relaxation and last but not least relaxation. Especially when you do it right, pack your stuff and leave your country.  I think I had the perfect timing to get put of Germany. Right on the day with the first snow (in October?!? Seriously?!?) 10 hours later I was back in summer.
The least thing I need right now is grey and cold weather. There may be people that seams to like that. I’m definitely none of them. It’s a pretty interesting feeling to jump on a plane at the temperature close to 0° Celsius, fly some hours and get of the plane in the evening with 21° Celsius.
And in the morning instead of watching grey clouds you see this:
Tell me, wouldn’t your mood rises instantly? Mine did. I really feel good right here, right now and I ban every thought about home instantly. 6 days of regeneration are ahead and I’m willing to use them in all aspects. In such cases those All-Inclusive Hotels are really good choice. You don’t have to care for anything. Food? Nearly 24h per day available…Drinks? Sure…as much as you can drink. I was a little bit confused last night when the service man that delivered my suitcase to my room showed me the minibar with the words “This is your Minibar. You can drink as much as you want, it’s free of charge.” I usually take a detour around the Minibar cause it’s expensive like hell. But in this case I took the opportunity and killed several bottles of water and soda last night and this morning.
Plans for today: when it’s a little bit colder later in the afternoon, I want to do some jogging. Now it’s too hot (love to say that 😉 ). May be pool could be an alternative. Dunno yet…but I need to find out where the gym in this hotel is. I plan to do one type of sporting activity per day. No matter if it’s swimming, running or gym is. But I’ll do something. That’s the plan…rock on.
And while I’m staying here, I want to get one of those:
Damn, that looks chilled!

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