De-Speed the world, please

I was outside on the balcony for a smoke and I looked up to the sky. Summer has gone…it´s getting colder and there were a lot of clouds. And I thought “can we just de-speed the world a little bit? Just a little bit.” This world and the people around me are in such a hurry. Hurry for what ? Is there something like a competition going on to get as much things done as possible…to get as much impressions before we die….to race for money as fast as we can?
I watched a picture I made a couple of weeks ago. Actually I like it very much.
Frankfurt - Mainhatten
Dunno why, but it relaxes me watching this picture that I took on the rooftop of a parking house. I whish I have more time to watch pictures like this one and even more: catch such moments.

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