Dear citizens of the United States of America,…

My plan was to stay up last night to stay awake and watch the elections. But as it´s always…it was a long day…and so I watched the start of the broadcast and then I felt asleep. They were talking about the chances that Hillary Clinton might have to take one of the Swingstates, and actually she just needs 1-2 of those states to win the election. The other states are “save”. So things seem to be going as expected.
This morning, when I woke up the screen on my tablet was frozen…so I checked the “Express-News”. And the first one was “Trump close to be the next president within the next few minutes.” Ok, that makes me awake straight away and I turned on the news to watch what´s going on. If I had to describe my feelings in one word it would be “sureal”. It felt like when I woke up this year and Great Britain voted to leave the European Union. A thing that was so hard to imagine came true. The same feeling I had this morning…but worse. America voted that a person without any political experience will become the next president of the most powerful nation in the western hemisphere. A person that had not that much respect for other people or opponents. Somebody that is
Let me explain to you why I´m so frustrated, angry and afraid of what´s to come within the next few years.
01. History
When you are born in Germany, reflecting your countries history is a part of the basic education you receive, when you are in High-School. For me history was a little bit more than that. History was that time a hobby of mine. I read a lot of books about history. About the roman empire, the greek empire, but as well the history of my country. And here in this case the rise and fall of the Nazi-regime from 1923 – 1945. If you are face
02. Manners

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