ESC – The Common Linnets – Calm After The Storm

Anyone watched the European Song Contest yesterday? (Ok, for the non-european readers: this is a song contest, where 35 european countries sent in one band/singer and then all countries vote with points 1-12…the song with the most points win…very easy…)
This time it was really a great one. Especially that Conchita Wurst won! What a great voice…and what a statement of the people of the European Union for equality! Yesterday, I was really a lil bit proud to live in such a tolerant society. Esp. that in some other “modern” countries this is not that common….EAT THIS PUTIN AND YOUR HOMOPHOBIC POLICY!
Sorry…it wasn t my intention to put in some political statement within this post, but I needed to write this down, because I have gay and lesbian friends…and I take it personal, if you treat them not the same as you treat me only because the way they love somebody else.
Ok…back to topic. Although Conchita Wurst´s song was really good…I personally preferred the 2nd place.
The Common Linnets with “Calm After The Storm”. Never thought that such good Country Music can be performed by somebody that is not from the States. Well, here s the prove that some fine dutch musicians can do that as well.
Listen…and compare it with Lady Antebellum “Need you know”…

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