Strange thing…since I left facebook, I recognized a drop in communication of lets say 80-90%. Ok, thats what I presumed in the beginning…but I have to say that I m a little bit surprised that even some of my closer people seem to be unable to follow up on “ordinary” communication carriers like skype, icq or whatsapp…I mean this is sort of crazy to call “whatsapp” ordinary…but it looks like that.
So I start thinking…may be this not only a time of certain kind of communication-medium but directly related to Mark Zuckerberg s company. I remember the days when I need to speak to my friends directly or via my parents phone…then came the first own phone…then the first mobile and with that the SMS…you got a phone…u had to text. After that the communication became “instant” why talking when u can text…with affordable internet it was the hour of chatrooms…IRC…ICQ…Skype….text “for free”…I remember how much I chatted during that days.
Then came the mobile-revolution thx to Apple and the iphone changed everything…texting was as comfortable like never before…with this invention a lot of communication went to the mobile devices. But still it was like…u have whatsapp, kakaotalk, viper or any other app u r able to communicate. But today Facebook strikes back…sneaking into ppls behaviours while offering more and more services that makes it soooo easy to chat. So within a year (or may be two) it happens that not a device or a group of apps dominates the communication scene. It s one single company that is able to control the daily social life of millions and millions of ppl.
It really looks like that ppl aren t able to communicate outside the facebook world, which is really interesting (and sad). We are so keen in getting everything facebook, that I m feeling that ppl might loose a touch to the “outside-facebook-world”.
May be I m wrong…hopefully I m wrong. Or may be I m thinking in a wrong direction and this is the “facebook-area” and my thinking is just “old school” like my parents that refused to get a mobile for years…and today both got mobiles…OMG, I m getting old!?!?!
Just when I surfed through my feeds, I recognized this trailer:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71pXYIwYpaU&w=500&h=305]

Interesting…hopefully it will be shown in a movie theatre here as we’ll.

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