Facebook quo vadis?

I scrolled through my timeline. Birthday whishes, birthday thank you replies, some heart breaking stories and tons and tons of cat content. “I thought I’ve seen everything, but then I saw this video and it changed my life forever!”. Not one, two or three posts…ten…twenty…I don’t know. And now I ask myself: “is this everything” seeing such crab websites showing videos that are already available on youtube (most of the time). I really don’t like those pages but with Facebook they have the perfect ground to spread their re-used content.
In the beginning when I joined Facebook there wasn’t that much crap there. People joined to connect, to exchange or to spread thing and pictures of their daily life. Today it’s more and more a page where you encounter animals doing “fun-stuff” or people that failed in various situations.
I post from time to time some movie trailer of a movie I’d like to see or an article that I wrote on my blog (not this blog…my other one c3surfstheweb.de) but this is content that I created. I spent hours in research, writing and doing the graphics…because i want people to read it and may be it helps one or the other.
I don’t see any use in catcontent except that it costs me time.
Facebook should connect people… that’s it. It would be great if there could be way that such links could simply be hidden but so far it seems that this is not possible.
That’s why I like Google+ you can have different opinons about it, but it’s much more professional and more useful than Facebook. There’s a lot of really good content there. People discuss about things like technics, entertainment or culture. It’s like a Facebook like it should be in my point of view. The press calls it Google s failed attempt to mess up with facebook. In my point they didn’t fail. It’s the first (mostly) rich – content network so far with all features that Facebook has…In my point of view. Well my 5 cent.

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