Do you know when I like advertising the most? When the product itself doesn´t care. This is the kind of advertising I really adore. Like in this case. Yeah…I know, it´s Skype…yeah I know it´s advertising…but in the end? Isn´t it that two nice girls that live on separate sides of the world get the chance to meet in person and share some pressures time together?
I mentioned in a post previously that friendship is something you need to tressure because it´s not something you can take as granted. It´s special…it grows…it´s something to take care of.
I personally love this story…not because those two girls have a minor disablement (I don´t think those girls care a lot about that), but because it reminds in a sensitive way that if you have true friends, you´ve got one of those few things in life you can´t buy for any money in the world.
Keep that in mind. I do.

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