Goodbye Grandma…I love you so much.

unsplash-logoRod Long

Goodbye Grandma, tell Grandpa greetings from me. I will see you on the other side when my time comes.

I feel this sadness and on the other hand site this happiness for her that she is on her last journey now. The last 10 years she was in bed due to sickness and in the end, she didn´t recognize anybody until you get very close to her and hold her hand. Then she pressed my hand very soft because she had no strength anymore. But it was ok. She had very good life. She had a loving husband, two children and 3 grandchildren (including me). She worked hard all her life. Nothing was for granted. She taught me to respect other people and treat them with respect. Give a helping hand to those who need them, and ask what´s in for me or ask for returning the favor. 

She had a simple life…raising the kids, doing the housework and doing the stuff that is needed on a farm.

She made me to the person I am today.  And I´m thankfull. 

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