My diary, if you like to call it this way

You found this website. Astonishing….did I tell you? May be. If not, my name is Christian. That´s my name…ok, it´s as well my belive, but it sounds stupid to say “Hi I´m Christian, and I´m christian!” … ha ha ha. (ok, not really). This is my kind of Online-Diary, where I write down things that com to my mind throughout the day. Not specially related to anything.

My stories

2022 – Ain´t Covid-19 enough…now a war in Ukraine…come on! What´s next?
2022…I don´t know. The past 2 years were like gone and I ask myself? Where did those years go? What were the memories that will last? I wonder what else is coming. Does it get better? Will it get worse? And if it gets worse…how worse? Just when I thought “ok, 2022 we will finally […]
Time to let go friendship
Remember when you were a teen, and your Highschool time comes to an end? The last big hooray before you split up and go to college, university, or starting a job? It was the time when friendships were made that we thought would last a lifetime. We promised each other always to stay together whatever […]
Back to the office
It´s me again. I had to read my last post to see where I can start this one. The last one I wrote was on May 1st. Again 3 months that passed by in this crazy year 2020. But here´s the good news: I´m back in the office. Since we got some “come back to […]
Home-Office, a Mad King in the Whitehouse and mankind
Time to write down some stuff that runs through my brain after 7 weeks of Home-Office.
USA 2019 – Quo vadis? My view on America in 2019
It´s been a while since I wrote something here. I had some busy times on the job and on my other blogs. But now I´m back to write down some of my thoughts that run through my mind the last couple of weeks. I wonder what’s going on over there in the USA. I mean […]
Social Media – things turn
I bet you use Facebook, Instagram & co. We all do. I even earn some of my money with it. Consulting clients how to approach best on Social Media. But what has Social Media become? At the start it was a great thing. We were able to make new friends from all over the world….we […]
Dear people of the United States of America,
it´s been a while since my last post here on this blog, but I had some stuff to do (business and privacy related), I have some other blogs that need some content, and well…let´s say: I was a little bit de-motivated to write something here. My last post was on March 2017. I wrote that […]
"Wehret den Anfängen!" ("Watch the beginning!")
Well, it´s been a while since I wrote my last post here. But to be honest, I didn´t know what I should write about. Actually since November I was like a little frustrated about things that could motivate me to write in english. Since Donald Trump won the election and became president in January, I was […]
May the force always be with you, Carrie Fisher.
People have to die. That´s a natural thing. But in 2016 way too many stars we love to see on the big screen. Von Riccardo Ghilardi photographer – Eigenes Werk, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link Carrie Fischer was one of my first female heroes. She was brave…she was clever….and gosh, we was awsome looking. Who wouldn´t […]
What's wrong with the world today?
Presidential elections and a Donnalds Trump is running PotUS….Brexit…Turkish dictator kills democracy within his country and nobody really seems to get disturbed by it. What’s wrong with this world today? Is this some dawn of a new area of nationalism? Are people so tired to make this world as ONE place where all kind of […]
Brexit….WTF was that?
On Friday morning when I listen to the news on the radio while trying to wake up, the first news was “UK voted to exit the European Union”…and I was like…WTF!?!?! Did the Brits now completly lost their minds? A country that leaves the EU. Impossible to even think about that. Especially the United Kingdom. Its […]
Goodbye Grandma…I love you so much.
Goodbye Grandma, tell Grandpa greetings from me. I will see you on the other side when my time comes.
The US and their guns…
I listen to the speech of President Obama today and I have to say that it touches me, altough the reason for such a speech is still confusing to me as a German. A president calls for The NRA (National Rifle Association) will for sure try everything to prevent him to take this into law. […]
Picutres of you….pictures of me
“A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.” ― Eudora Welty I love photography. Since my fist internship years ago, I live to take pictures. Most of the time I do it without any plan. I take out my smartphone to capture moments and situations. Actually in those moments I don´t care much about […]
Dear citizens of the United States of America,…
My plan was to stay up last night to stay awake and watch the elections. But as it´s always…it was a long day…and so I watched the start of the broadcast and then I felt asleep. They were talking about the chances that Hillary Clinton might have to take one of the Swingstates, and actually […]