I had a backflash into my teenage-times this morning. My favorite TV-series from my teen/twen times is now available on DVD. No doubt, I will have it soon. I NEED to have it.

I m talking about “The Wonder Years”. This TV series about normal kids…normal families…normal problems for families in the 60-tees in the US. I love this series, cause it was so similar to the problems I faced when I was at the age of Kevin Arnold.

And yes, I have to admit that I had a crush on Winnie Cooper…the most adorable girl in the world. She was so cute! Her long dark hair…and that smile that could melt icebergs.


Source: Danica McKellar as Winnie Cooper in “The Wonder Years”

Ok, in real life her name is Danica McCellar and she´s teaching math (!) today. This is crazy and adorable the same time 🙂

DanicaMcKellar-2007-10-01“ von Kuyper – Originally uploaded to Wikipedia, here.. Lizenziert unter CC BY-SA 3.0 über Wikimedia Commons.

In a way, I always thought about that she would be a perfect match to be my first gf. Ok, reality didn’t gave me that opportunity…but it’s ok.

And there was the music. Esp. one song…”With a little help from my friends” by Joe Cooker … this song will be related for ever with this show. I think there was and is till today no other title-track that is so intense, so powerfull, so wonderfull matching what the focus of a TV-Show then this one.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POaaw_x7gvQ]

Still drives tears to my eyes when I watch the final sceen of the final episode. No other TV-Series was ever that close related to a chapter in my life then “The Wonder Years”.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IV3L6cWiRKQ]
So all that’s left for me is to get the DVD box and warp me back years ago when a tiny teen watched a series about two teens growing up. (Anyway @Danica: If you ever should come to Germany I d be delited to invite you to a cup of coffee or two if I get a talk with you about the series in exchange 😉 )