I had a crush on…

Danica McKellar

I had a backlash into my teenage times this morning. My favorite TV series from my teen/tween times is now available on DVD. No doubt, I will have it soon. I NEED to have it.

I m talking about “The Wonder Years”. This TV series is about normal kids…normal families…normal problems for families in the 60-tees in the US. I love this series, cause it was so similar to the problems I faced when I was the age of Kevin Arnold.

And yes, I have to admit that I had a crush on Winnie Cooper…the most adorable girl in the world. She was so cute! Her long dark hair…and that smile that could melt icebergs.

Ok, in real life her name is Danica McCellar and she´s teaching math (!) today. This is crazy and adorable at the same time 🙂

By Kuyper, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

In a way, I always thought that she would be a perfect match to be my first gf. Ok, reality didn’t give me that opportunity…but it’s ok.

And there was the music. Esp. one song…” With a little help from my friends” by Joe Cooker … this song will be related forever to this show. I think there was and is till today no other title track that is so intense, so powerful, so wonderful matching the focus of a TV-Show then this one.

Still drives tears to my eyes when I watch the final scene of the final episode. No other TV-Series was ever that closely related to a chapter in my life than “The Wonder Years”.

So all that’s left for me is to get the DVD box and warp me back to years ago when a tiny teen watched a series about two teens growing up. (Anyway @Danica: If you ever should come to Germany I´d be delighted to invite you to a cup of coffee or two if I get a talk with you about the series in exchange 😉 )

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