IBM … I raise my glas

Got a flashback… Don t actually know why, but I Start watching IBM Ads on Youtube. And then I found the IBM Energy Efficiency Campaign… That was one of my all-time favorites I worked on. Coby a well-known artist in the States painted cool pictures with dirty water he collected on the streets. There was no big “BUY IBM SERVERS” claim…the clips spoke for themselves.

I need to share this…maybe to remember…or just not to forget what great stuff/projects I was part of.

IBM Energy Efficiency – Fully Equipped

IBM Energy Efficiency – Winning Hearts

IBM Energy Efficiency – Icecold

My former Neo colleagues made a reel (seems for the Effi Award) I want to share with you as well…its in french, but you will get the message. And last but not least…my personal favorite image from this campaign…its called “Hero” (on the left side) What a great campaign that was…still proud of this piece of advertising.

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