I know some people…people working as accouters….university students…doctors….nurses….photographers…simple workers…all kinds people.
And I know filmmakers. Not a very common job…and ok I know exactly two people working in that business. So it´s very interesting when those people tell about their projects (or I see some stuff they post on their facebook wall).
Now this one guys sets up a project called “Project Strength”. I really have to admit that I m inspired. Not only the fact that this is a movie. But it makes me think. I´m ok…I mean I earn some good money…(not a big deal, I don t have a Porsche in my garage, in fact I don t have a garage), but I can pay the rent for the apartment. I always have a fridge full with food and drinks and I can save some money for my retirement.
But my most treasurable thing is: I have a family. My Mum and my Dad and my brother….a home.
It s so easy forget and that you take that for granted. But it´s not. This movie-project reminds of this fact. I really can´t imagine how my life would be today without my parents. My Dad taught me to ride a bicycle. My Mum taught me to “survive”…cooking, fixing clothes (I can sew on a shirt button myself…) and they taught me to be honest, helpful, true and NEVER to give up. Things hard to image who could taught me those if not my parents. And this movie is about kids that face this reality and the people that do something. That give those kids a home.
And this worth to be told…asking for sharing the message and to support.

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