Its all over now, Baby Blue…

Tonight’s good old fashioned music time. Actually it’s not just quiet only “old fashioned” music. This song is always connected to people I once knew…that disappeared on this life road. We walked some time together, we had fun and some times we had different points of view. But that’s what friendship is all about. You can’t always have sight of things.
Some other people just moved on leaving this friendship behind and you ask yourself: what the hell went wrong? You try to reestablish the contact but it’s like swimming to a boat that already disappears on the horizon.
And of course, sometimes you leave people behind because you think it’s the best thing to move on without this person. But however this person disappears, some leave some marks…like footsteps in the sand…on a wonderful beach that you walk called “life”.
Today I remember some of those footsteps that are not seen next to mine any longer. And to those people, I dedicate this song.
Take care out there!

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