Leaving Facebook

Well, Day1 is over since I descided to leave Facebook. I think it was a good descission. Not to worry about that Mark Zuckerberg is not getting more infos about my life it that I make it more easy to get profiled by the NSA…no, it’s mostly to claim something even more valuable back: quality time

I spend so much time each day watching what my 500+ “friends” do…and if I want to see some catcontent, I’m quiet sure I’ll be able to find some within the WWW … Google is for sure a good supporter in this. 
And want to honor the time with better conversations with the people that are really interested in having a conversation with me.
I’m quiet aware that I will loose contact to a lot of people, because they won’t be able to use the multiple contact options I provide outside of Facebook, but on the other hand…if they aren’t able…why should this be my problem? I grew up in a time, when there was no Internet…I built treehouses, built soapcars…I got in contact with the Internet long time before there was Facebook. Chatrooms full of people spending nights to have conversations…that was fun! And people talked i realtime…instead of watching the timeline of their “friends”. That’s what is my intention…getting back to talk…I want to tell things instead of repeating what I already posted hours ago on my Facebook wall.
And I want to listen to my friends and buddies what they want to tell me, instead stalking for news on their walls. YEAH, that’s what I want…Facebook took that away from the people and I reclaim this for me. 
Let’s see where this will lead me to.

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