Let the dota2 games begin!

Monday night….had a short night with really less sleep. Anyways….tonight I hope to get some more, but thing is tonight the KO phase of the biggest dota2 event starts…The International 2015.
Since I started playing dota2 some 6 months ago, I´m really getting more and more involved in this pro gaming thing. It s so interesting to watch those guys play this game and all the things that happen around the game. So see those thousand of people in the arena, the casters in suits (esp. TobiWan) and the analysts commenting and analysing after each match. It s real pro sports!

My fav. team

Latest when you know all the names of your fav. team, you know that you are addicted to this game. Can t wait to see Team Secret enter the main stage on their way to go for the final. The next evenings at least the program is fixed. I really wonder why it s not broadcasted on TV. When I take a look a the number of viewers, hard to belive that this is not interesting for TV stations with a young target group. May be this might change in the next years, because gaming is a big industry and TV looses more and more ground to streaming and Internet. So I really think it s just a matter of time until we can see the first eGame event on German TV.
Can t wait!

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