I´ve been in advertising for some years now. And one of the things I really appriciate is when a client appriciates the work that you do. Even more when you got invited to an event you supported with you and your team. It doesn´t happen that often, so I´m really thankfull, if it happens. So I was really excited when Cadillac invited me and my colleague JP to join the opening night of the Cadillac Experience in Berlin that took place last Thursday Nov. 28th in the carpark “Unter den Linden/Staatsoper”.
If there´s one word to describe this event: huge! Those guys really know how to promote a car “the big style” ! And I need to point that out pretty clear: I don´t say that because it´s a client´s party. It´s the fact that it really was huge. Ok, I am a guy…and guys love cars (esp. the large ones with tons of horsepower). And if Cadillac knows cars, then the ones with tons of horse power and the (very) large ones!
Don´t belive me?…take a look here:

Me in Cadillac Escalede

Me in Cadillac Escalede

I´m quiet not the smallest guy, but sitting in a Cadillac Escalade I look like a teenager, that can barely watch over the steering wheel 😀 ! They put this car on the show to demonstrate how their BOSE-Soundsystem sounds like. I needed to laugh a lil bit during the demonstration because the bass soooo deep…it gave me goosebumps. I would love to have such a car to drive to the car-movies for 2 reasons:

  1. The sound system…it´s like your personal high-quality Dobly Surround System you will never have in an ordinary movie theater
  2. The space…I mean I´ve never sit in a Cadillac Escalade before. It s large…no, it´s big….it´s really really a big car. There is so much space within this car you can have party inside without any problem and afterwards you can take a nap in the trunk. It´s so big, that once you open the door…there s a step automatically comes out to help you getting into or out of the car. It s more like climping into this car. This car is a nightmare if you need a parking space 😀

But it was not my favorite car that night. My personal favorite that night was the ATS Coupe. It´s really a beauty. It´s a typicall american car. You see that straight away. It has edges, large tires and it has the typicall “I have horsepower”-look´n´feel, but never the less. It has a special style. Hard to describe it…It´s a car I would def. take a closer look when I see it on the streets. It´s so uncommon to see such forms on German streets. But it´s not a pure “horsepowered sportscar”. It´s still elegant. One word: “eyecatchy”.

But back to the event. I really had fun that night, because everything was like high-quality. The food…the drinks…the cars…I mean everything was great. The hired an american star chef (Richard Blais), they hired a Top DJ for the tunes, they organized a private concert with Aloe Blacc (the “I need a dollar”-guy), and there are the celebreties and modells that joined that evening. Ok, I don t know many celebreties, but I reconzied some. But mostly I enjoyed having a good time with the ppl I know, my colleagues (Lisa and JP) and the Clients I m working with. You could see it in all of their faces, that everybody was happy that things worked out well and that all the preperation in front of the event paid off.
Not just in the public area but the backoffice as well. We quiet had a really good time there. (For me it was like a little VIP-area….away from the masses, we had our own area where I could do my job keep watching what on the web…we had our “Warroom” there, where things were organized and monitored. But there was no chaos or hectic coming up…everybody know what his/her job was…we had the chance to chat with our clients there…made a little tweak here and there…and it was a melting point where all people from all agencies came together and talked face-to-face while we were normally having phone conferences or wrote e-Mails. That was in fact my “little highlight” that I really enjoyed.
I need to spend some sentences on the location itselfe, because it was really a common/uncommon one. Presenting a car in carpark was like a “full-house” at a Poker game…but not any carpark…it was the one straight at “Unter den Linden”. For those who are not quiet familiar with Berlin, this is one or the hotspot in Berlin. Everything here is just high-class…the Staatsoper that you see, when you leave the carpark. Some of Berlins best Hotels you can straight walk to within 5 min. You can walk to the Brandenburg Gate or other sightseeing spots. So overall: A high-class place for a high-class event.
Here are some impressions of Thursday night:

And there´s an official video as well, giving you a small impression what happened that night.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sv2JdJD6pU?rel=0]
So, after a long night of fun…I returned to my Hotel…with a huge smile and some great stuff in my memories to remeber. 😉