Listen to your Mom, it will pay off ! Trust me!

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Today is a day, where I´m gratefull to have the best Mom and an awesome Grandma! They tought me a lot of things I need in my daily life. Things I never learned at the University or at School. It´s daily life knowledge without that my life would have been much more complicated (and/or more expensive).
They tought me how to sew a button on my shirt….they tought me to cook (and I m not talking about fast food…I talk about good healthy balanced food, that beats every stuff from the store, fast food restaurant and most of the restaurants I go to)…AND they tought me how to deal with a cold! And this will save my silverster-party! I never understand why but today I know it… because it works ! And without any kind of meds.
So let me share some stuff with you, that my mom told me…and try it.
1. Shower at least 2 times a day…3 is better!
When you re sick, you feel like you are freezing! Fight that…wear your wintershirts, thick socks…heat up the appartment. You need to sweat! And shower 2-3 times a day….realy hot ! Your body needs to heat up…because, because when your body is hot, it produces more white cells to fight the visures and stuff (that s why we get fever). So shower, dry yourselfe real good and back into your thick clothes. In best case go directly to bed! If you have a hot-water-bag…use it !
2. Honey
Yeah ! Honey…best things in life are made by mother nature! Eat at least 3 Spoons per day….with a spoon! It tastes really sweet and good and it works in 2 ways:
First: It works disinfecting
Second: It works like protection film within your throat. A real ease if you cough all day long. But take the good one…not that cheap honey for 99 Cents !! Take the natural bio whatever one…yes it costs more…but it works def. more!
3. Peppermint Tea
Drink as much as you can…and if you can´t drink anymore…proceed anyways…If you have to run to the toilet every 30 min…don t care…this will help your body to get rid of those virus you have inside your body.
It will keep you warm from the inside and the peppermint will support your breathing from the inside (everybody knows that peppermint is good for that!)
4. Sleep
Go to sleep ! Yes…don t do party…don t do anything…GO AND SLEEP AS MUCH AS YOU CAN! The body recovers best, when you are not fooling around wasting pressures energy that your body needs to recover.
Can´t sleep…take a glas of red wine…no NOT a bottle ! I said a single glas. No white wine…no Rosé …Red Wine. Red Wine has some stuff from the berry that helps you to find sleep. Drink it 30 min before you go to bed! This will help you sleeping like a baby 🙂
If I do that…within 48h I m at 75% back to normal. The rest will come within the next days…without taking a single pill 🙂
Thx Mom…thx Grandma !
P.S.: But never underestimate a cold…if you don t feel better or so…go to the Doc!

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