Yesterday… EM semi-finals….Germany vs. France. Well, the game was not quiet in the way I´d like to see it…but that s ok. It was a soccer match and the better or the more luckier one won….fair enough. What really disturbed me was the the things I red on Twitter…written by politicians that are supposed to be leaders or role models.
Honstely, both tweet pushed my blood pressure to the top. And I am so tempted to use my complete vocabluary of bad words to shout at them what strange sick persons they are. The one because she of her massiv nationalism, the other one because of her massiv lack of national identity. But I don´t…because my parents raised me pretty good so I have some manners not to do so.

Jutta Dirfurth, left winged, former green politician, desperate for any kind of attention.

Like I said…semi-finals….big game…Most people are somewhere with a TV cheering for our team…and what did this woman do? She posted that:
 Jutta Ditfurth - Tweet
(translation: I´m reading. Out of the windows sound the national anthem. People cheering…at their living rooms! May the german team loose. #EM2016)
Honestly? That woman´s lack of enthusiasm, fun and patriotism sucks. It´s a soccer game. May be not the most important thing in the world…but still sport No.1 here in Germany. Millions of people love to see soccer every weekends….they play themselves…and now during the Euro Soccer Champions they watch the games with the German National Soccer Team. Yeah! Of course they cheering…of course they listen to the national anthem. It´s our national anthem! They do that in front of every international game. What is your f*** problem with that? You are not into soccer….fair deal. But let the others celebrate that evening. Let them pump up the volume when they play the anthems. To whish therefore that your national team looses…who are you? Grumpy cat? If yes…than keep your point of view for yourself. No one likes to hear your point of view in this case. You can like the team or not…and therefore you can say “the team should loose.” But to announcing that the soccer team should loose because you hear the national anthem at your neighbours living room…get off! She puts water on the mills of the next “lady” I´d like to write about. At least she stands for her point of view….more than the “other” one.

Beatrix von Storch…so old…so hatefull…and a poor lost soul from the past

von_Storch tweet
(Translation: May be next time the GERMAN Nationalteam should play again).
Her post referes to the lost game of the German national team (called #DIE MANNSCHAFT) in Euro Soccer Championships. And she blamed directly the players with a migration background.
“What is a German team”? First thing that came to my mind was like “blonde, tall, blue eyes”. That´s how the Nazi´s back in the 30tees like to see the “German team”. I was really pissed to read that by a German european politician. She should be ashamed. She should know better that this kind of rascism can only lead to isulation and a lot of f*** trouble. We had that 70 years ago! I´m not willing to have this dark part of German history again! People like Beatrix von Storch make me sick.
A soccer game was lost and she blames players that made a good game…may be good fortune was not on their side…so what….it´s a soccer game….nothing more! It was semi-finals. The better team won. I was pretty satified they play the tournement. It was more than I expected. A new team…a young team…a team that needs to prepare themselves for the World Cup….and they made it to the semi-finals. Good job guys!
But back to that sick woman. A woman that never archived any accomplishments in her life that benefit the society except of spreading hate and nationalsistic ideas to the publice dares to criticize a team that has for sure much more accomplishments on their scorecard than she will ever have.
Her brain belongs to the 1930tees…may she belongs there too. But not today…and not here in Germany. I fed up with people like her. And how hard I try to understand why she still have such a crowd that follows her stupid ideas. I would liketo know if those people took a nap in history back in their school days.
No, this woman is someone I whish she would live somewhere else. It´s a shame that she has a German passport. She´s a racist. Nothing more…nothing less. What kind of low personality she has shows up, when you recognize that she deleted that post a day ago. Wow, Lady….respect…you have the backbone of a snail. Shame on you and crawl back under that rock you came from.