Me and my iBook

my iBook g4
I m blogging on my iBook G4. You might say “OMG, doesn t this “thing” more belong to a tech-muesum or something similar?!?”. I tell you “No”.
You can t imagine how much fun it is to write with this old piece of tech. By the fact that nearly nothing runs on this notebook, it very easy to focus on the main things.
I give two more advantages:
(1) Quality
This keyboard of the old ibook is still awsome. After more than a decate…no problems.

  • Keyboard 100% ok
  • Screen 100% ok
  • Battery 70-80% ok

It has the perfect size of a travellmate….not too big, not too heavy.
(2) Loose it? – No big (financial) loss
Ok, another thing that should be mentioned it the fact that if it s broken under what so ever circumstances it s not a big financial loss. And due the fact that there are no personal data on this notebook, even if it would be stolen, well….congrats “thief” u stole an 11 year old notebook.
Ok, I mean it s ok, if people make fun of me, while I m still hanging out with the old 11 year old notebook. But I tell ya: Tell me if you have a PC Notebook that old that is still in such a good shape…that does look that good and (honestly) that looks that good 😉

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