Meerkat, Persicope and the question: Why?

Since digital is the business where I earn my money with, I try to stay on “the digital pulse”, which includes that I take a look at what kind of apps can be of interest.
So I installed “Meerkat” and “Persicope” …those two apps that are currently battling each other who´s No.1 for mobile-streaming. After around 30 min I was like “Why? Why do people do that?”.
In general those Apps and systems can be used for great things like:

  • streaming interesting speeches
  • concerts (ok, that may be critical due to copyrights)
  • discussions
  • or simply someone that has something to announce

But instead most of the streams I saw where like: Why should I waste my lifetime watching you sorting out socks ????? And why do you do that in front of a camera????
I´m not interested at all in watching your puppy, and NO, I´m for sure not interested in seeing your running TV in your livingroom. And if you drive to your softball training…that´s great…but I don´t care. And most of those streams are basically that way.
So…there seems to be a bunch of people that are interested in watching into peoples life, and on the other way, there are some people enjoying it beeing watched doing daily things.
On the other hand, these apps remember me a lil bit about “Speakers Corner” in London. This place where everybody can say anything (except againsts the queen). Those apps are basically the same. It doesn´t  matter if anyone is interested of what you say. But you if have that strong feeling to shout something out to the world, those apps are the ones to be. Go for it!

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