You know that thing, that you have something that reminds you about something you really like? One thing that I have and what reminds me on something I like is METRO.
I m not talking about the supermarket or subway…I m talking about the newspaper. Ok, newspaper is a big word for this publication. I would compare it with the German BILD-Zeitung…a lot of gossip, sports and some news. It a really not comparable to a high-class newspaper like the New York Times or the German F.A.Z. for example…but that s ok. It a a free newspaper that you can grab in the morning when you hit the subway heading for work, so you have something to read. I ve seen all kinds of ppl reading it…the homeless as well as the well suited consultant (and yeah sure, they d never commit reading it). It was one of the first things I encountered when I went to London the first time….free newspaper…in Germany this only happens a few times a year when a newspaper does some advertising in the subway stations. In London it s a normal thing (ok, encountered that later).
So in the morning it became a loved habit to grab mine when I enter the tube, quickly scan the first pages until I found something readable.
Then I fly over the “rush over crush” part. I personally like that chapter…who never ran into somebody at the bus or train station that he/she like to see again? Ok, in this part you can publish some lines hoping that the other person might read those lines. It’s a “game of luck n love”…I´d love to know how many couples meet through this section of this newspaper.
Then I´m directly heading for the sports-part. Ok, it´s all about UK sports…that´s ok, sometimes (esp. when it somes to soccer it´s interesting to compare the press in the island with the local one. So I have always both sides of the story.
No, reading this newspaper became a ritual when I´m in London. And every morning when I´m heading to work here in Frankfurt it becomes a habit to read the daily issue it feels a lil bit like I´m in London all I need now is a recording of the a station announcements.
I really miss that:
“Please mind the gap between the train and the plattform. This is Convent Garden. This is a Picadilly Line Service to Hearthrow Teminal 4 and 1,2,3”
I catched something similar on youtube…
Really miss that 🙁

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