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Hot town, summer in the city. Well, Joe Cocker knew what it is about. It´s pretty hot here at the moment, which causes me not to fall asleep instantly. That´s ok…time to write something here.
The past couple of weeks were pretty busy. Busy at work, busy at home. And one thing I know for sure: I don t like moving. After two moves (my own and the one of my brother) I can say for sure that I don t like it. Packing boxes, pulling boxes into the van…unboxing again….this simply sucks. I m so fed up with this….hard to describe it with words without using some really bad language.
I know what some people might say: Yes, it is a good thing because you can get rid of old stuff…looking forward to get new stuff…and so one. At the moment I just feel the pain of my back, arms, legs and fingers. And (by luck or not), I always got days where the sun was more like a foe then a friend. Moving boxes at nearly 30° Celsius isn´t cool….not it s not even in the same zip-code then “cool”. And this is what you do on the weekends, because during the week you go to the office. No the past weeks, I couldn t say that it was fun time in the summer time.
But the good news: Everything will come to an end. Even moving. When the last furnitures are bought, the last book is in the new shelve…then I know for sure, I will forget about all the things I cursed….till the next time 😀 😀

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