Parents…and why they are so much smarter then ourselfe.

Parents are way smarter then we think. I often get myselfe thinking that I m so much smarter then my parents. I m so totally digital. I have the lastest gadgets. I know a lot of stuff.
Years ago I asked my dad why he had such a strict seperation of data. One PC for surfing…one for Data (Not connected to the web). I told him…explained to him…shouted that no hacker is interested in his data. He ignored it and went on.
That was years ago. Today I have to admit that I was so wrong…not even wrong…I was a fool beliving that I know how to handle the web to be save. My Dad was right…as (mostly) everytime. He may not be up to date…but he knows how to do things the way back from a time when it was save.
That s why he s my hero and the only role model I except next to my other role model: my Mum.
She doesn t have a university degree like I have…but without her knowledge in basic rules of life I would have been somewhere else….but for sure not where I am today. She tought me how to appraoch things in life I d like to have…and that the “easy way” is for sure not always the best way. She s the perfect projectmanager…she raised two kids…organized a household and managed a small budget in a way that us kids never recognized that we didn t have that much money.
I can only imagine how many sacrifizes my parents made…they will never tell me.
I can only be gratefull to have such parents. And I am.

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