Shopping (unplanned)

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A rule in Frankfurt says: Never go shopping on Saturdays at the Zeil in Frankfurt. It’s overcrowded, noisy and people are way more stressed.
Normally I follow this rule. I just went to the city to get a birthday present for a friend of mine. A good 17 year Single Malt or something similar. On my way there I passed Peek&Cloppenburg (on of my fav. stores for clothes. And I thought “I need ONE black shirt. Let’s jump in get it and out!”….Bad mistake!
Outcome was that I bought 6 shirts, 4 t-shirts pairs of socks and my bank account won’t be amused. 🙁 (Don’t forget that new Joop perfume I bought as well). So I was trapped by the same mechanics that I use to earn my money. Damn!
Good thing: I finished my summer shirt shopping earlier than expected. Now I just need:
– 1-2 hats
– my summer t-shirt collection from Berlin
– 2-x pairs of sneaker
I guess that’s it.

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