Sick and Insomia … two very good friends I don t like

Catching a cold is really something that I don t need to have. Seriously… I don t need a cold. Sneezing all the time…Having a head that feels like covered in a giant marshmellow…who needs that!?!? The worst thing when I those cold viruses doing some sort of party within my body is the fact, that I can t get sleep. So stay almost all night now awake… I m feeling seriously crappy.

So I turned on my notebook, pre-wrote some mails, that I will submit when I m back in the agency (in about 2 hours time from now on), empty my inbox….writing my tasklist for the day…preparing a presentation…and of course…writing some lines here in my blog…listening to some chillout tunes.

Ok…next time I think I ll write something more “readable”…sorry if you think I wasted your time reading this… and if you want to complain: Ey! I m the one that is sick and can t get sleep due to that fact! 

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