Some things never change…

Election in Bavaria and nobody is really suprised. While I´m watching the Election on TV, I followed the comments on Twitter as well, which is much more interesting (and more amusing ^^). Now the Analytic-Teams of all TV-Stations battle each other what this result can indicate for the upcoming State-Election next week. I´d say: not much. This is Bavaria…the only question since I got interested in politics years ago is: Does the CSU rule alone or do they “need” the Federal Democratic Party…nothing else counts in this state…
So: The Winners will celebrate…and by the fact that everybody (except the FDP) is a winner…everybody will have at least a lot of alcohol tonight…so let´s celebrate!
(source: ARD –
I would rather whish that politicians stick to the promises they make all the times BEFORE an election. Let´s hope the best 😉

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