You know that feeling when you want to shout out but you can’t because everywhere is somebody that might find your shout out unprofessionell or uncool?

Know what? I know that feeling pretty well. And I’m quiet sure you know it too. Today’s world is full of censorship esp. in regards of your career you have to be very careful what you say or write. One wrong Tweet can cost you your job…One wrong post on Facebook and you might be not considered for the next promotion because you might show “unprofessionell” behaviour.
I tell you: THIS IS SICK!
I work in advertising business. Clients expect and pay us to come up with crazy, funky and fresh ideas to improve the sales of their products but on the other hand we need to function on a highly professional level. Did anyone ever came to the idea that all this crazy, funky and fresh is about emotions? How in God’s name can you sell emotional stuff without being it?!?!

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