The Internet …

Tonight I encountered again what influence the Internet has on our daily life. Especially if it doesn’t work.
It took me nearly 1 hour to upload a 20mb file cause my connection broke down every two minutes so that I was so desperate to call the phone company to report the issue. I can tell you I was so desperate cause that file needs to be in the inbox of my client by this morning. I wonder how easy life must have been in the non-internet area. You wrote a letter, you posted it and my be 2 weeks later you received a reply. Then u moved on. Today everything needs to be done within a flash.
But does it pay off to do everything in a flash? Don’t think so. I think the faster the Internet becomes, the faster we people have to be. Especially as someone from the advertising I feel that pretty much. Everything needs to be done faster and faster. Modern communication and very fast Internet makes it possible. But I think creativity suffers a lot under this speed. The best ad’s I have seen came from the time where there was simply not such a fast Internet.
But that’s just a thought, cause without the Internet, I wouldn’t have my job and cam blog about that.
Just a thought in the night….but now I really need to get some sleep. It s 2:11am.

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