The long road…

Here we go…2015! A new year, new chances and opportunities. Let’s see what we can do…I think about what are the things I want to do this year…yeah may sound a lil bit old school, but a new year is always a good point to start with some fresh motivation and positiv thoughts.
Last year I had some goals I wanted to reach, and I have to say that most of them I made a “tick on the box”. Some are still pending…but hey, I have 365 more days to get them done.
So what’s on the list for this year till now:
1. Tattoo
Had that already on my list for last year, but it’s one of those things you really should plan cause this is something that stays for quiet a while. I asked some friends that already have tattoos where they got theirs from. Noted down some addresses and this year I will get in contact with one of them…may be more. I need to see the studio and see if I have a good feeling about the studio. I was told that this is mostly important.
2. Loose weight/more sports
One of those “classic” goals that thousands of people have. Last year I already started…and I did it quiet often, because I like it to get exhausted out of the gym. Afterwards you sleep like a baby…so cool. But at the end of the year and due to tons of stress (and too many parties) I didn’t find the time to get to the gym frequently…this needs to change!!! I’m gained way to much weight in the last 6 weeks…this sucks…No excuses anymore…2-3times per week is the goal! hooha!
3. Learn
I want to learn something…yeah, you can say “everyday you learn something new.” But I want to learn something like a language, improve my photo skills or my photoshops-skills…something that helps me in a way…I don’t know yet what it will be, but I want to find out until end of Jan. I’m tired of doing things like I do them every day…this bores me. I want a challenge. Something where I may fail…but it’s better to try and fail that never tried.
4. Boost my motivation for my job
In the last months I faced a phase of…how should I call it…”business as usual.” I did my job…well, that was it. I missed the fire I have for my job. I love advertising, I love being an Account-Manager, I love to deal with client…organise projects…finish them…write the invoice…all those things that are part of my job job. But something got lost in the last months…hard to describe…I didn’t have the fire that burns when I started a project. May be because most of the projects I did were basically the same. May be I need to change the client or switch into another field. That’s one of the good things when you work in advertising, you have multiple options…and one is there for me for sure. 🙂
5. Being a good guy
Sounds strange? No, it isn’t. My parents thought me to be kind and helpful to other people. Don’t do things only by thinking “what’s in for me?”. Too many people are selfish and focus on their personal benefits…I don’t. It satisfies me much more, if I can help somebody with the skils I have. I try do proceed with this in 2015 as well.
6. Do something uncommon
At least one thing I need to do this year that is a lil bit uncommon. I did already bungee jumping and skydiving. So…what can it be this year? I want to do something that needs a lil bit of courage. I want to face it…I want to do it…I want to raise above it.
6 goals … There will be some more and like last year, may be I won’t fulfil them all. But I think it’s better to have some goals to reach than not.
So…let’s get it on 2015!

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