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Germany State Election 2013
Germany State Election 2013

Sep. 22 2013…it´s a sunday that you would expect from an autumn sunday…cloudy and not that warm. But today is different to others, because us Germans will vote for a new government…on a country level as well as on a state level.
It s not my first election that I can participate. But it s always a very important ritual for me. I don´t go in regular street clothes to the voting cabin. I dress up a little bit. I always wear a shirt and a jacket and one of my “better pairs” of trousers…not a lousy everyday. For me it´s important to vote. Because it´s a fundamental right on which democracy is build on. That´s why I dress up…it´s an active act of democracy. I remember well my Grandpa and my Grandma. When it was election day, they dressed up really good. And then the whole family went pretty good dressed to the public building where the cabin stood. For them each election was very important, because they were born, raised and lived within a Europe where you were not free to vote (due to the government…or to war). So keep up with this tradition to honor this fundamental right.
Within a lot of countries you are not free to vote. Or even if you vote, you can´t be sure that someone manipulates the election to keep the power. Here in Germany I m sure that my vote counts. Even if it´s just a single one. According to official statistics I am one of 61.800.000 people that are allowed to vote here in Germany.
That makes my vote worth: 0,00000001618123 %
I did my part…and always afterwards, it´s a good feeling. Let s see tonight who makes the race. I keep my fingers crossed that a lot of people vote for the party I voted (it´s not one of the big ones). But for now…time to have coffee and cake…that´s another part of this ritual, that I copied from my grandparents… 😉

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