The Sea & some spanish "magic"

I really like the ocean. Espacially for somebody like me that lives in the city it´s always something special to go on holidays and see this endless horizont. I can only imagine how Ernest Hemingway had loved the sea and how he got inspired by it to write his novel “The old man and the sea.” It´s actually one of the best books I ve ever red.  The sea…the man…the fish that he hated and loved the same time…and the small boy he was always thinking that cares for him. This always comes to my mind when I spent my vacation at the ocean.
This year I travelled to Conil de la Frontera…a really nice little spanish town close to Gibralta…at the south corner of Spain. If you ever have the chance to travel there…go for it. It s  a really nice town. It s mostly visited by spanish Tourists (and less Germans…which is quiet good, although I am German…it s better to see as few as possible….especially if there are too many of them it´s really hard to get some local culture.). What I really enjoy is the way of life the habitants have. You encouter that most of the day (esp. in summer I presume) it´s quiet within the streets. People sit in the shadow and drink something or eat. But in the evening…after the sundown…the streets are crowded with people no matter of age. There s music…and the restaurants are crowded. You get smell that encourage you to have dinner at 10pm (something I normally don t do here in Germany). And the people are so friendly no matter if they know you or not. With my few words I learned back in university, I could at least order my Tappas and my drinks…that s ok.
And there was this public place near the “Torre de Guzman” (Tower of Guzman). Everytime I passed this place in the late evening/night there was something. One time there was public cinema (a kids movie about 3 kids that protected some speaking animals…I didn t get what the movie was really about, but I only stayed there for some minutes. The kids sitting on plastic chairs next to their parents or were running arround. The other night it was a dance-event. And people of all ages were dancing. Too bad I hadn t my camera with me that night. It was a little magical. To some slow beats (I presume it was Tango) I saw old couples dancing next to young ones. But especially the old couples fascinated me. I guess those ppl were married for 20,30 may be 40 years…but still they go out in the late night…and dance on this place next to Torre de Guzman. When I m that age, I whish I will do the same. Because this is something that people here don t do normally. And I wonder why? You don t need to be Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers to slide of some dusty public place…it s the feeling you have at this moment that counts.

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