The US and their guns…

I listen to the speech of President Obama today and I have to say that it touches me, altough the reason for such a speech is still confusing to me as a German.
A president calls for
The NRA (National Rifle Association) will for sure try everything to prevent him to take this into law. And I wonder why? A Country that has more deaths by the use per day, than we have in Germany in one whole year.
I tried to put numbers into relation to make it more clear (for myselfe). I only found some back from 2013…so I ll take these.
Citizens: app. 322 mio
Death by guns in 2013: ca. 33.000 (according to Statista it´s: 33.363)
Deaths per day: ca. 90
Citizens: ca. 82 mio
Death by guns in 2015: 800
Deaths per day: ca. 2

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