Thinking about downsizing…

It really comes to my mind, that I should think about the way I m living. Mostly on a sunday I think about “What do I really need to be happy?” Than I take a look into my room and think…”Do I really need all this stuff?”.

I have a wardrobe that is 2.5m in lengh…and it s too small. I got 20 pairs of shoes building a tower that is as close as high as my wardrobe. I have so many electronical gadgets that I think: “What the hell do I use them for?”

This is normally the point where I wanted to order a big trashcan to put most of the stuff in and get rid of it. But I can´t…am I a messi or something ? I don´t know…

And then I m reading those articles about a “minimalistic lifestyle” and then I m jealous about those people that can perform a complete Appartment change within 2 fully loaded cars. Just for my stuff (the stuff excluded from my GF) I need a mid size transporter.

But what do you need to face your daily (business) life ?

Let s just think:


Ok, based on the fact that you should change your underwear on a daily base (that s a hygienic thing) you need:

7 underpants
7 pairs of socks
3 pairs of tiny socks (for running)

5 pairs trousers (there s no need to change them on a daily base)

7 T-Shirts (on a daily base in summer time)
3 white T-Shirts (to wear them below your shirts)

5 Shirts (if you have a job where a shirt is required)

5 Pullovers (in wintertime, cause you don t want to catch a cold)

1 Jogging trouser
1 Short trouser for jogging

2 Suites (if a client is fancy about to see you in business dress)
4 ties (a nessecary item)
1 Smoking (for the big events)

1 Coat (wintertimes can be frosty)
1 leather Jacket (I really stick to this, because my Dad gave it to me and this jacket is older then I am)


2 pairs of sneakers

1 pair of running shoes

2 pairs of slippers

1 pair of winterboots

1 indoor slippers

Do I miss something? I think not. If I take a look at this list and compare it with my wardrobe…Today I have 2-3 times more the stuff I mention above…so what keeps me from getting rid of all this stuff?

I mean, I don´t fit into this minimalistic life that I m reading so many times…but to be more focused on the stuff I have…and get rid of everything else that is just there taking dust…this should be the goal.

My big goal: Space…an big appartment….minor interior….minor pictures….clear lines…my little dream…and I like to dream about it.

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