To President Obama, NSA in regards of my privacy

Well…this topic is one of the topics that is on my mind those days.
A lot of my friends commented on facebook regarding this…mostly they are like me not that amused.
It s one thing to think that you might be scanned…another thing is if you know it. I wonder if the people responsible for this action know that they do exactly what those terrorists have on their mind “bring fear to the hearts of my enemies.” Since 9/11 the ) land of the free became more and more what I saw in this movie “V-Vendetta”…or George Orwells “1984”…and I wonder:”Do the people of the USA know what s going on?”.
It was one of they Grandfathers of the United States Benjamin Franklin that said “people that sacrifise freedom for security will end up loosing both.” …So the ancestors of those people that stand up to fight for freedom and liberty now commit to give up the things what I thought is the most pressures thing you have. If democracy is exchanged for “security” something went wrong.
When there was this amok raid in Norway…the country answered this “attack” with love. They don t start spying on their citizens to prevent that this might happen again. They put trust in their country and they send out a strong signal “Hate and fear will not overwelm us.” And they did good…no, they did great. My respect for this country and the people that live there.
They don t need a NSA Datacenter to scan who s posting what on facebook. If President Obama needs a good case…he should look at this country to see how it might work. Love brings up a shield that no evil can break. Freedom and democracy are the best ideals you might need to stand against the evil. But this doesn t include that you see all people as “potential suspects”. And therefore no one is allowed to see me and thread me like a “potential suspect”, because I m NOT ! I was born and raised to live a respectful life to my family, to the people and to myselfe. I ve sworn an aid on the German flag to defend democracy and to protect the innocent in my military service. Yes Sir, Mr. President Obama, I am a freedom loving, peaceful, well educated man… and you, Mr. President Obama and your NSA, CIA or what every Service don´t have any right to store my facebook-profile….to store my e-mails…to read my SMS. To trace the GPS data of my smartphone….this is nothing else than a criminial act, because you violate my privacy.
Am I upset? Yes I am…because I still think that you, Mr. President Obama, are a very good man for your nation and for all people in this world. So please act like this. Protect democracy…but not at the price of total control….that s just not worth it.
Just a thought.

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