Value your true friends, get rid of the rest.


The end of the year is getting closer and closer. This is always the time when I get usually I little bit slower because my energy level for this year is lower than at the beginning of the new year. It is always a good time to look back and be grateful for what you have, happy for what you achieved, and spend some time on what you could have done better in this year. Mostly in my case, I´m happy about the health topic. I and my surrounding people get mostly without any serious health issues this year. That´s a big PLUS of this year. No serious COVID issues whether on my health or my loved ones. In year 3 of the pandemic, I count this as a good thing. I´m humbled and blessed about my loved ones. Upfront of course my wife and my family. They are the most important ones in my life because they give me the energy that I need. But close to them are my friends. And I mean the real ones.

In these days we are using the word “friend” way too easily in my point of view. And we tend to put a lot of energy in these people although we didn´t get that much energy back that we invest. Usually, this should be the case of people we let into our “inner circle”. We share our “true self” with those and this is something that we do because nothing is more rewarding to get some good and honest vibes back. But if this is not the case, this becomes a one-way street draining the yearly quantity of energy that we have. I have to admit that I´m not very good at letting such people go…maybe because I put that much emotional energy in those people. It´s hard to face the reality that these people are not as close as you want them to be. I have to say that this is something that makes me sad and brings me into some sort of “reality-denying” situation. Instead of just letting them go and skipping the contact I keep them as hope that things might change. Reality is: They won´t.

And that´s why you should focus on those ones that give you the energy in return as you put energy into them. For the real ones, it´s an easy thing and is not connected to any timeframe. They can be gone for months and once they are back on your radar, it´s as it was always and they have never been away. The rest: let them go in peace….send them away with good blessings and let them live their lives. Focus on the ones you have and the ones that are waiting on your road ahead. I think that´s something I need to consider more in the new year to come. 2023 will be a new challenge and I plan to master it with the people I need on my side. The rest: Cya.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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