Weather sucks…

Weather…a good topic in Germany to complain about. This year it s even worse than the years before. You can t get rid of the feeling that it will be the most awfull year (weather related) ever. It s end of may and I still wear sweaters and long sleeves…
What s wrong with the weather. In about 5 months we goona have the first snow again and still no sign of spring. I can count the days I went to the river Main on one hand. This sucks! (Appologies for the strong word). It really starts making me depressed.
Already changed travellplans from Irland to Spain to get sone sunbeams. Rainy Irland? No chance this year…may be next year.
There s a lot of room for improvements on the topic.
See for yourselfe…this is how it looked most of the year…here.

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