I like the weekends….really…I do! Esp. those, where I don t need to do anything. Ok, there are some essential tasks that need to be done (laundry, buying food&soda)…but if you have nothing else on your task list…that s great. During my week, I have so many tasks, meetings (esp. those days) that I m really f*** up in the evening, when I m returning to my appartment. I hate my shedule the last couple of weeks. I had this feeling that everyone needs to have something from me.
Running from meeting to meeting really sucks. Meetingtime = workingtime….no it´s not…I can assure you. Meeting time as long as you are not in the strategic level is 90% waste of your time keeping you away from getting your jobs done, which means that you need to do overtime to get stuff done (or on the weekends…my personal favorite….NOT!).
I m complaining too much again. It s weekend… have my netbook…still in bed….writing on my blog…life could be worse…ok, a cup of coffee would be really really great….too bad I don t have any telekenese skills. So I think I really need to get up to get one. Weather looks good forecast tells me summertime weather…so heading to the park would be an option. since I bought me this 11″ Netbook I like to take it with me all the time, when I m outside. It doesn t even costs half of a MacBook Air (which was my favorite)…has a touchscreen (it s not a feature that is too bad, in fact I really get used to it). and lasts some hours (at least as much as it needs to last). So then when I m outside…it s really cool to blog while hanging out in the park…watching people having fun…relaxing…that cools me down after such a stressfull week.
So…have a great, enjoyable weekend…here s some chillout tunes, perfectly to get out and start the day….ok, you can listen to them as well in evening…in fact you can listen to it all the time 😉 …enjoy and ttys!
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAQFQVonwno]

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