What s left…

3 days in Berlin…relaxing time…time to leave stress behind in Frankfurt and enjoy some days in the capital city. Although the weather forecast wasn t that good at all, the good mood was strong.
First thing to mention:
Don t go to a weekend trip to Berlin, if the soccer-finals are on the weekend…you will have a lot of beer enthusiastic co-travellers. It never smelled more about beer and Frikadellen within an ICE like in this one. Thank god it was the ICE Sprinter. ..so only 3.5 h travelling time. More then enough if yiu can t join the drinking.
Second thing to mention:
4-Star Hotels not only differ by country, but by city as well. That was the worst 4-Star Hotel I checked in. It was really loud…the bathroom was small and the free WLAN that was included in the room price doesn t work so I used my mobile…that was much faster. On the paper with the login data they explained that you will have a max speed of 256 kb/s max…so no wonder.
The breakfast room had the charm of … yeah..of what exactly? Don t know…but nice and comfortable aren t words I would use here.
Ok..enough “trolling”. Berlin is still the most interesting city in Germany…it s so full of creativity. You can see a lot of people trying to do “their thing”. Small businesses that you think “how can they survive?” But they do. Most of the places and shops I frequently go are still there and it´s so good to go there every time. And it´s so inspiring to see them. They remind me of the creativity I had during my studies and the things I did during that periode. It hurts a lil bit, that there´s not much left because the daily business ruins a lot of this creativity I had.
But….it´s never to late…I think. And a visit to Berlin always reminds me of that 🙂

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