What's wrong with the world today?

Presidential elections and a Donnalds Trump is running PotUS….Brexit…Turkish dictator kills democracy within his country and nobody really seems to get disturbed by it. What’s wrong with this world today? Is this some dawn of a new area of nationalism? Are people so tired to make this world as ONE place where all kind of people live together as what we are: Humans?

We are getting so selfish those days. So many people in so many countries are so focused on THEIR country that they forget one major point: We are NOT defined of what kind of passport we have and the nationality we claim. We have to define ourselfs on how we live here on this planet.

Just a little reminder:

As far as I know this planet in the only one for billions and billions of miles that provides life in the way we define it. We are granted with a gift that is so precious that no other in billions and billions of miles is granted. But we have problems that danger this precious gift. Pollution, poverty, war, starvation and so one and so on. Do you really think that ONE single country is able to solve those problems on their own?

Donald Trump wants to make “America great again”. Seriously? He can’t. You know why? Because his plans only can work by letting others suffer for those plans. And what do you think those others will do? Sitting there…having a cup of coffee and tea while letting those other countries face the consequences of his action? For sure not. For sure their nationalism will grow as well…and (just an example) if America wants to be great in economics again, it needs to have markets to sell their goods. But if no one will buy their goods and prefer their local ones…how he thinks the US economy will grow?

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