When Mozart, Ravel and Wagner meet in the livingroom.

You like classic music? I do. I really like to listen to classic music esp. when I´m in the office, everybody is hectic, timings alike hell and clients bombard you with e-Mails. This is when I put my headphones on and (mostly) turn on Klassik Radio (an internet radio station where they play 24/7 classic music). It s like escaping to a sunny island where nobody is going on my bothering me. I can really focus on work when I listen to classic music.
Last night I had an awesome experience. I attended a living-room concert with Nami Ejiri. She´s amazing! I mean…I attended classic concerts in the past…but this was something completely different. I was not sitting in a concert hall 50 meters away from the orchestra listening to the music, in fact, I was sitting right in front of the grand piano. I could touch it. It was a 200 year+ old grand piano…this is like red vine…good very good old vine.

And it was played by someone that exactly knows what she was doing there. She felt every single tone she produced by touching one of the piano keys. This is the point where I always start being a lil jealous of those people that can play an instrument. Does not matter what kind of. But those people can express all their feelings within a tone…a music piece…a song…whatever. And at the same time, I have the deepest respect for their skill. In this case, I m just a dumb amateur that can only listen…but to see somebody playing a title that lasts around 11 minutes…how many tones does such a classic piece of music consists of? 10.000? And she plays that mostly eyes closed. THIS IS PURE TALENT! And now getting back…you get the chance to sit in front of a grand piano and listen to some really really well chosen classical pieces of music. Wouldn t you be flashed as well? Except for two pieces I didn´t know any of those that were played. But it doesn’t matter. I liked it!

But it was interesting listening to Franz Liszt “Anneés de Pèlerinage”…it sounds strangely familiar to George Friedrich Händle´s “Wassermusik”. I wonder he was inspired by him or maybe it was “In” those days to compose something about fountains. Really interesting.
What was really interesting as well as that kind of concept of the “livingroom-concert”, because it seemed that the whole neighborhood came together. During the pause, everybody left the house and walked into the next door where refreshments were offered. So you go next door…grab yourself a glass of champagne do some Smalltalk….than walk back. Must be a very good neighborhood.
So overall, I can say: It was something I m looking forward to going for again. In the end, I could not resist to get a signed copy of her interpretation of Chopin.

(by the way,…does anybody knows what she wrote in Japanese? 😉 )

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