Why I Should Blog in Times of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the world in many ways. It is creating new opportunities, challenges and risks for individuals and societies. It is also changing the way we communicate, learn and create.

Some people may think that blogging is obsolete in times of AI. They may argue that there are more efficient and effective ways to share information and opinions, such as social media platforms, podcasts or videos. They may also claim that blogging is too time-consuming and requires too much effort and skill.

However, I believe that blogging is still relevant and valuable in times of AI. In fact, I think that blogging is more important than ever for several reasons.

First, blogging allows me to express myself in a unique and authentic way. Unlike other forms of media, blogging gives me full control over the content, style and tone of my writing. I can choose what topics to write about, how to structure my arguments, what sources to cite and what tone to use. I can also add my own personality and voice to my writing, making it more engaging and relatable for my readers.

Second, blogging helps me to improve my critical thinking and writing skills. Writing a blog post requires me to research the topic thoroughly, analyze different perspectives, synthesize information and present it clearly and logically. It also challenges me to use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation, as well as appropriate vocabulary and terminology. By blogging regularly, I can practice these skills and enhance them over time.

Third, blogging enables me to connect with other people who share similar interests or views. Through blogging, I can reach a wider audience than I would otherwise have access to. I can also interact with my readers through comments or feedbacks, creating a dialogue and a community around my blog. Blogging can also open up new opportunities for collaboration or networking with other bloggers or experts in my field.

Finally, blogging allows me to contribute to the collective knowledge and wisdom of humanity. By sharing my insights and opinions on various issues or topics related to AI or anything else that interests me , I can add value to the existing discourse and debate. I can also inspire or influence others who read my blog posts , sparking new ideas or actions.

In conclusion, I think that blogging is a worthwhile activity in times of AI . It helps me to express myself , improve myself , connect with others and contribute.

P.S.: This complete article was written by ChatGPT. Jez….this is what we are moving to. 🙁

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