There are thing I really like about this time of the year…when it s getting colder…at 5pm it´s already dark and you go to the christmas markets with your beloved ones/friends…drinking some Glühwein listening to the music….go from marketspot to the next one and eat tons of yummy stuff, or when it s snowing….everything is white, you grab your snowboard running up the hills to surf downhill, while the sun is tickling your nose shining down from a blue sky. THAT´s what I call winter.
Actually, at the moment here in Frankfurt we have none of that. It´s windy, wet and the clouds don t let you even get a glimp on the sun. That´s the kind of weather I def. NOT into. That´s the kind of weather I´d spend a lot of time thinking about moving to a more friendlier place like Australia or New Zealand. I´m really sick of the weather here. You can´t go outside because you are getting wet within no time…and the wind makes it feel even more cold.
Can someone please send some sun to the center of Germany….please?

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