Winter comes to Frankfurt. It s cold…dark…and YES it s cold. On facebook tons of posts about Glühwein and delayed trains. Yeah…my train had as well delayed and overcrowded.
Where s the summer gone…and why? I d prefer now to be at my fav spot here in Frankfurt…a glas of wine…friends arround me…laughing and chilling…wearing t shirts and sunglases. Ok…wintertimes not bad at all…I really like when people slow down when they have all their presents for christmas. The thing I really like is the very last day of working. Everybody s hugging each other…whishing the very best for the next year and a merry christmas…u make jokes…laugh a lot…a really relaxed mood that everybody have.
At the moment I m far away cause it s been pretty busy those days. But I m sure in about 3 weeks time everybody will have that mood.AND the next summer will come in abt. 6 months time! Stay tuned 😉

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